Skin care for acne using facial cleanser including sterilizing ingredients

Skin care for acne using facial cleanser including sterilizing ingredients

Safety skin care products for acne control

I feel that there are more people who have some kind of skin trouble than those who use cleansing foam that can remove dirt firmly with acne countermeasures.
The reason I think about is that you are overly washing your face and the other skin care products you use may contain substances harmful to your skin and body.
Even if you paint vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, collagen etc. directly on your skin as it is said to be good for your skin, you can not expect too much effect in fact. In order to penetrate these beauty components to the back of the skin it is necessary to borrow the power of a surfactant that has the function of breaking up the cells.

However, this surfactant is a natural one and a synthetic one made from petroleum, especially synthetic surfactant accumulates not only in the skin but also in various parts of the body There is a danger of getting out of your physical condition.

In the first place acne does not think that acne can not be done if washing face properly because excess oils and cosmetics etc are clogged in pores etc.? Certainly they can prevent acne due to facial cleansing.

However, in fact the waste in the body and the fact that harmful substances such as synthetic surfactants mentioned earlier on the surface of the skin will become acne There is, but it is not well known. So let's make sure that the surfactant included in skincare products is always safe, whether it is natural or derived from synthetic petroleum.

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