Skin care for acne using facial cleanser including sterilizing ingredients

Skin care for acne using facial cleanser including sterilizing ingredients

What is effective skin care for acne skin

I kept being plagued by acne when I was a student.
Forest and T zone, cheeks and cheeks, one after another.
There was a time when I became disliked to look like a crater and go out.
T zone is a place with a lot of sebum secretion, acne is also easy to do.
In addition, due to stress, the hormonal balance collapses, when the body is tired often, it will be in a state of hard to heal.
I also heard that it is easy to do when there are many male hormones in terms of constitution.
Hormonal balance is involved.

I have been worried a lot, I tried various commercially available medicines, but it has no effect. I have had experience in dermatology once.

But after all it did not go away.
I decocted a good Chinese medicine for my skin and drank it.
I was abandoned because I was bitter, I abandoned it.
Although I was wondering if there was any effective method, I could not find a place to hit.

I was watching the day magazine tomorrow, the feature of acne was on it.
I looked into it.
Then, there was also a statement that hormone balance was mentioned, and thereafter it was said that it will be cured by daily skin care of the face washing method.
I chose by not writing too much and washing too much to write.
I wash my face trying hard to keep my skin clean.
I was carrying out a lot of mistakes in skin care.
Basically, it seems to be OK only in the morning and evening.
If you wash too much, your skin will dry out, so it seems to add more sebum.
If you do not wash it too much and keep the humidity moderately, acne pimples are decreasing.
You were washing too much. I am reflecting wrong skin care.

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